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    Cedar Hill offers home inspections for buyers, sellers and home owners and new home builders. We feature ASTM Standard commercial building inspection. Our inspections are through, detailed and comprehensive. We offer a whole suite of comprehensive tests and can arrange licensed professional inspections of ALL the components of your home. Click here to see a detailed list of our residential inspections and services.

    We now offer Energy Savings Audits using a comprehensive method from CMC Energy Services, and high-tech infrared imaging camera to help you save real dollars in energy costs.

    From radon testing and termite inspections to septic inspections, well water quality to all home components, our inspections are thorough and detailed, because you’re the customer. Brand new in September 2007 – Ultrasonic Oil Storage Tank Inspections.

    Beware of low cost home inspections. Why would you skimp on your most important investment? We hold a Home Inspector License from the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and Radon Testing Certification. We spend the time to get to know each home we inspect. When selecting any inspector or contractor,  be sure to verify that they are licensed by the State of Connecticut.

   Cedar Hill is a client focused home inspection company. When we schedule your inspection we will be there. We schedule our inspections with plenty of time for your inspection. We will not be rushing to get to the next inspection.

Home Inspections for home buyers
cedar hill home inspection ct - Safe Family Quality home inspections for real estate transactions. Termite inspections, radon, well water quality, etc. Package pricing saves you money …[more]
◊ Commercial Building Condition Inspection
cedar hill commercial building inspection Cedar Hill offers commercial building due diligence inspections based on ASTM 2018 Standard. We tailor our inspection to your needs. From small buildings to large office space or warehouse, make Cedar Hill your call …[more]
◊ Energy Savings Audit
cedar hill home inspection ct - cmc energy tune-up We Provide Energy Savings Audits that can save real dollars and have upgrades pay for themselves. In just a couple of hours we can shoe you how you can possibly save 25% or more on your energy usage costs. That is money right in your pocket! [more]
◊ Thermographic Services
cedar hill home inspection ct - infrared house Level 1 Thermographic Services. Inspections, Thermal Energy Loss Audits, trouble diagnostics, moisture intrusion, business to business, building and mechanical analysis, plumbing, electrical and more. [more]  
◊ Radon Testing Services
cedar hill home inspection ct - radon testing

We feature "Continuous Monitor" testing that allows us to provide radon results immediately after the test concluded. No more mailing test canisters to the lab and waiting as much as a week. Not all radon testing is the same. Be sure your test is conducted using Federal EPA Protocols.* [more]

◊ Ultrasonic Oil Storage Tank Inspection
cedar hill home inspection ct - oil tank testing The TankSure® Program is the only testing and inspection process for residential above ground tanks using an EPA approved technology. The ultrasonic process is non-invasive and can be conducted by most oil heat service providers and licensed home inspectors in about fifteen minutes. [more]
◊ Home Inspections for home sellers
cedar hill home inspection ct - Sold Sign Inspections to help smooth the sales process. Take care of those small items and identify large ones. Closing time will go much smoother …[more]
◊ New Construction Inspections
New construction inspections can head off many problems before they become big issues later. We will be there from the beginning to ensure your new home is built to the highest quality…[more]
◊ Home Inspections for home owners
cedar hill home inspection ct - family at home Time for your home check-up! Home owners can be sure that their house is in tip-top shape…[more]

*Successfully completed the Measuring Radon in Residential Properties training course developed by The University of CT Healthy Environments for Children Initiative in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Radon Program.


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