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Energy Auditing

Blower Door Testing

Thermal Imaging

Energy Savings Audits* from Cedar Hill Home Inspection

Energy savings…

"… my home is so old and leaky, I can’t save any money.. I just have to live with it…"  A nice gentleman from Simsbury told me that recently. His home was built in the 70’s.. you remember bell bottoms and… the Bee Gees

My friend is right, when his home was built energy conservation was just a thought in, soon to be, President Carter’s head (the first energy conscience president)… But he is wrong too. He can save real dollars with the right energy upgrades and improvements. And, those improvements can actually pay for themselves

With a Home Energy Savings Audit from Cedar Hill we will show you just how much you can save with improvements. We use the latest technology from Infiltec, FLIR, Watts UP Pro, and software from CMC Energy Services to provide our clients with the most information possible to save energy dollars. We bring thousands of dollars of equipment to your home to provide your with the information you need to start saving.

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Home Energy Tune-uP® Can Help Homeowners and Home Buyers

  •  Save an average of 25% on your energy bill;

  •  Find out which improvements to make – the Tune-uP report will estimate the savings and costs of each potential upgrade;

  •  Increase the comfort of your home – no drafts; better temperature control; costs of each potential upgrade;

  •  Increase the value of your home – each dollar spent on Tune-uP recommended improvements will increase the future sales value by more than a dollar;

  •  Using a calabrated blower door and infrared thermal imager – areas of missing or inadequate insulation, air infiltration and changes, can be measured and identified allowing you to make the best "bang-for-your-buck" upgrades and repairs to your home.

The Four Easy Steps of Home Energy Tune-uP®


A certified energy inspector, from Cedar Hill Home Inspection, examines and measures the home to find all the opportunities for saving energy.  Our Energy Tune-uP Audits include – Calabrated blower door analysis, Infrared thermal scan of the building, complete CMC Energy Services Energy Tune-uP report, and Watts-up electrical usage data.


Specialized software produces a report which shows savings and costs for energy efficiency improvements and provides tips on ways to save more energy and reduce energy bills. Click for a sample report.


The report provides access to a database of contractors, a direct line to an energy expert, and access to other energy products and services.


The report lists the improvements that, when financed, will save more than they cost. It includes information on the Streamlined (k) Limitedcedar hill home inspection ct - cmc energy tune-up Repair Program by which homebuyers and homeowners can finance up to an additional $35,000 into their mortgage for energy-efficiency improvements identified by their home inspector.

More About Tune-uP® from CMC Energy

Sign uP NOW for your Energy Tune-uP from Cedar Hill…

*Energy Terms Explained

A Home Energy Tune-uP® or a HERS Rating?

Home Energy Tune-uP®
Tune-uP was designed specifically for owners of older homes who want to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes, rather than grade them. With a more detailed Report, quick access to low-cost financing, a low price tag, and more inspectors to do the energy audits, Tune-uP is an excellent choice for owners or buyers of older homes, whereas rating remains the choice for builders of new homes.

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)
Rating the energy efficiency of homes has been used primarily by home builders who want to market their new homes as being energy efficient. This rating system has not been readily adopted by owners of existing homes and their REALTORS® because older homes are less energy efficient than new ones, and therefore get lower grades. The majority of older homes would score somewhere between 40 and 70, depending on their age, whereas a home built today should score at least 80. If the home scores 86 or higher, it is considered an Energy Star rated home.

A residential Home Energy Tune-uP inspection will cost less than the a regular home inspection, if done as a stand-alone with out advanced analysis tools (thermal imaging and blower door testing). The energy inspection can also be done as part of a normal home inspection, which will reduce the price and cost of the energy tune-up inspection.

Blower door analysis
A Blower door analysis is specialized equipment used to depressurize your home to a calibrated level to measure air infiltration. The infrared thermal imager is then used to determine area where improvement can be made. Generally "tight" homes have 1 complete air change every 3 hours. Less than 1 air change per 3 hours is an indication of the need for mechanical ventilation into the home. Very tight home can lead to mold/mildew growth and other health concerns. Using a blower door and infrared thermal imager together can identify many areas of air infiltration.

Infrared thermal imaging
Using an infrared thermal imager that measures invisible temperature of surfaces allows a trained technician to identify areas of air infiltration to homes and buildings. Infrared thermal imagers can also be used for water infiltration, electrical over loads and many other non-destructive investigations that can effect surface temperature.

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